​My smoke detector keeps beeping intermittently, what should I do?

An actively sounding smoke detec

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  • My smoke detector keeps beeping intermittently, what should I do?

An actively sounding smoke detector should be reported to 9-1-1 immediately; all persons should exit the property and await fire personnel. If a detector chirps once every 30 to 60 seconds it is most likely a weak battery and is alerting you to replace it.  If you need assistance in replacing the battery in your smoke detector, call Fire Headquarters 609-525-9182.  You can also click the RED BOX on the right side of the page to answer many smoke detector questions.

  • Why does the Fire Department respond with the Rescue Squad?  Aren't they separate organizations?

The Ocean City Fire Department and Ocean City Rescue Squad were combined in 1996 to provide a more streamlined and effective service for the residents and guests of Ocean City.

  • Why does a fire engine respond with the ambulance when my emergency is medical in nature and not fire related?

If there is an Advanced Life Support (ALS) medical call in Ocean City, the closest ambulance and fire engine/truck will respond to the emergency. ALS calls encompass but are not limited to: Heart Attack, Stroke, Seizures, Syncope/Fainting, Choking, Respiratory Distress, and Traumatic Injuries just to name a few. All members of the Ocean City Fire Department are licensed by the State of New Jersey as Emergency Medical Technicians and all fire apparatus are stocked with medical equipment to provide help anyone who may require assistance.

  • Why do so many pieces of fire equipment respond on a fire?

Each emergency is categorized with a certain level of response. Depending on the type of call and the information gathered by the dispatcher, the response level can range from one vehicle to over five pieces of apparatus. As valuable as our equipment is our personnel are even more vital to mitigate an emergency as quickly and safely as possible.

  • Why did I find an “OCFD entry form” in my home?

Frequently, we are called to a residence without the homeowner being present. If we are able to make entry into your property without causing damage, we will investigate the reason/cause for the dispatch.  Typically it is for a sounding smoke detector or an open door or window. If we’re able to gain entry we will try to remedy the situation and leave a form behind stating the date and reason for entry and any recommended remedies to the situation.

  • Where can I get my blood pressure checked?

Stop in at any of our three firehouses for a free blood pressure check.

  • Why do I see fire apparatus go through traffic lights with lights and sirens and then turn them off once through the intersection?

Emergency responses are always evolving and many times while a fire apparatus is traveling to a scene it is evaluated that their services are not required. These companies are made available for the next emergency and turn off their lights and sirens as soon as safely possible.

  • My house is scheduled for demolition and I would like to allow the fire department to train in the property before it is demolished.

Our ability to train in homes scheduled for demolition is an invaluable tool for the fire department.  The ability to run “true” scenarios where we can breach entryways, windows and walls, make ventilation holes in a roof, and maneuver hoses inside the dwelling are all a great benefit to keeping our personnel at the ready.  We appreciate this offer to our department and try to make the most of the opportunity.  Please contact Fire Headquarters 609-525-9182.

  • I locked myself out of my home, can the Fire Department help me gain access?

The Ocean City Fire Department will try to accommodate those that have unfortunately locked themselves out of their home. A police officer will also be called to the scene to verify ownership. You can call 609-399-9111 for assistance.

  • I lost the key to my bike lock, can you help?

The Ocean City Fire Department will respond to cut away your bike lock. A police officer will also be called to the scene to verify ownership. You can call 609-399-9111 for assistance.

  • Why did I see an Ocean City Fire Department unit responding outside of Ocean City?

The Ocean City Fire Department occasionally will respond to other communities to assist with emergencies. Currently, we are contracted to cover any fire or medical emergencies in neighboring Strathmere. Our ambulances transport patients to four area hospitals as well. Any outlying town that needs help can request assistance through the Cape May County mutual aid program. Due to our location we also have a strong working relationship with many other agencies in Atlantic County.

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What To Do In Case of a Fire


  • Don’t panic - escape may depend on clear thinking. 

  • Get out of the house following the planned escape routes, if possible. 
  • Do not stop to collect valuables or to get dressed. 
  • Open doors carefully only after feeling them to see if they are hot. 
  • If they are hot, do not open them, follow an alternate escape route.
  • Keep close to the floor - smoke and hot gases rise. 
  • When breathing, take short, shallow breaths. 
  • If your clothes catch fire, STOP where you are, DROP to the ground, cover your face with your hands and ROLL to smother the flames. 
  • While it is human nature to run if your clothes catch on fire, it's actually the worst thing you can do. Running "fans the flames" and intensifies the fire.
  • Keep doors and windows closed unless it is necessary to open them for escape. 
  • Meet at your pre-established meeting place after leaving your house. 
  • Call 9-1-1 as soon as possible from outside of home. Give the address and your name. 
  • Never re-enter a burning building. 

Please call the Ocean City Fire Department at 609-525-9182 if you have any questions pertaining to escape drills or any other safety issue.